Shade Span Industries has been providing trolleys for rental to the Nursery Industry for over 20 years for use in transport and logistical solutions in relation to their delicate stock movement. Our trolley is the only nursery trolley to receive a Nursery Industry Standard approval and has always been associated with quality, convenience and functionality.

Our trolley range consists of a Premium Trolley which is built strong and has a weight capacity of 850kg; and an Econo Trolley which is more affordable for a short term solution. You can find out more about our trolleys by clicking here.

We understand the preference for ownership that certain customers have due to their operating structure and activities, and as such, we would like to ensure that we make the Shade Span Trolley available to the industry in a manner that accommodates everyone’s needs. Our Premium Trolley is available to rent or buy out-right and priced accordingly. To help you decide which of these services will be best for you, click here.

How you can Benefit?

A regular rental agreement for one year is so favourable that if one staff member saves two minutes a day, this will pay for one day’s rental for one Premium Trolley.
Free Exchange of trolleys with other hirers of Shade Span trolleys.
Minimum time used in loading and unloading with substantial improvement in labour needed. Proven 90% reduction.
Significant reduction in floor area needed for storage of packaged stock.
Packing can take place in any area where there is a hard surface for trolleys to run on.
Cartons and trays are not necessary with the Trolley Exchange System.
Adjustable shelving offers flexible for varying height stock, making use of all available space.
Proudly Australian

Proudly Australian

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