What We Do

Shade Span Industries has been providing trolleys for rental to the Nursery Industry for over 20 years for use in transport and logistical solutions in relation to their delicate stock movement.

The Shade Span Trolley is the only Nursery trolley to receive a Nursery Industry Standard approval and has always been associated with quality, convenience and functionality.

About our Trolleys

Each Trolley is self-contained. Assembling of the trolley takes approximately 1-2 minutes. The trolley has easy access of loading plants from both sides. Trolleys readily accept the K11 Wax Tray when required.

Each trolley carries the equivalent to 2 pallets or more of plants and reduces floor space by 50% for made up orders. Stacking of trolleys when empty takes a very small area of your packing shed, as they can be stacked 8 high, i.e. equivalent to 1/2 a pallet space on your floor. When these 8 trolleys are fully assembled they carry the equivalent to 16 pallets of plants. Tailgate lifter offers the optimum efficiency for loading and unloading of plants on trolleys. Stock can be picked up and put down at any location. No forklift, no docks and no additional labour. Any truck can carry a trolley, no shelving required.

Benefits of Shade Span Trolleys

  • Free Exchange of Premium Trolleys with other hirers of Shade Span trolleys.
  • Minimum time used in loading and unloading with substantial improvement in labour needed. Proven 90% reduction.
  • Significant reduction in floor area needed for storage of packaged stock.
  • Packing can take place in any area where there is a hard surface for trolleys to run on.
  • Cartons and trays are not necessary with the Trolley Exchange System.
  • Adjustable shelving offers flexible for varying height stock, making use of all available space.
  • Trolleys are collapsible to one seventh the height of an assembled trolley. This allows the stacking of collapsed trolleys to 7 or 8 high for return freight.
  • Trolley has excellent retail presentation with shelves having the ability to tilt.
  • Trolleys can be wheeled through standard doorways and & shopping aisles for easy movement of stock.
  • Transporters have a major saving through not having to install shelving into their trucks, so trucks remain more versatile.
  • By using trolleys any enclosed truck can be used for transporting plants.
  • Trolleys can be loaded crosswise or lengthwise into full width pantechnicons.
  • Trolleys can be loaded by forklift, tailgate loaders or from loading dock
  • With the Trolley Exchange System, there is no need for a trolley depot system therefore rent charges can be held to a minimum.